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Summer 2020 Camps for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

We anticipate these camps being available in the Summer of 2020:

  • Academies for Young Minds:
    Grades 2-8
  • Engineering Design Camps:
    Grades 9-12

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Courses Listed in Chronological Order

The list below shows courses available through the Teacher Enhancement program in order of start date. The list includes only those courses for which the start date has not already passed.

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Start DateCourse Title
April 11, 2020Colorado History by Train (K-12)
April 18, 2020Building a Culture of Argumentation (Gr. 4-12)
May 1, 2020North with the Spring: Bird Migration (K-12)
May 2, 2020Picketwire Dinosaur Tracks by Mountain Bike (K-12)
May 8, 2020Tracking Wildlife in Rocky: Signs of Creatures Big & Small (K-12)
May 9, 2020Fire in Ecosystems: Friend or Foe (K-12)
May 15, 2020Endangered Species of the Rockies (K-12)
May 22, 2020100 Years of Environmental Change (K-12)
Life as an Owl (K-12)
May 29, 2020RockCS Conference Full Semester Credit
RockCS Conference Half-Semester Credit
RockCS: Colorado Computer Science Teachers Conference (K-12)
May 30, 2020The Surprising World of Lichens (K-12)
May 31, 2020Birding RMNP by Ear (K-12)
June 3, 2020Cliff Dwellings and Volcanoes of New Mexico (K-12)
Principles and Foundations of Environmental Education Online (K-12)
June 4, 2020Beyond the Classroom: Aquatic Ecology Research & Environmental Issues (Gr. 4-12)
June 5, 2020Hunters of the Wind (K-12)
Ruins and Volcanoes of New Mexico II (K-12)
June 6, 2020Early Wildflowers of RMNP (K-12)
East RMNP Butterflies (K-12)
June 7, 2020Cuba: Its Country, Culture, and People (K-12)
Spring Mushrooms and Fungi of RMNP (K-12)
June 11, 2020Black Hills: Mammoths, Monuments, and Wars (K-12)
The Ancient Ones: Pre-Historic Native Americans in Colorado (K-12)
June 13, 2020Mystery of RMNP Native Orchids (K-12)
Sweet with a Sting: The Natural History of Honeybees (K-12)
June 16, 2020WILD About Wings (K-12)
June 18, 2020All About Mining Hybrid Course (K-12)
June 22, 2020Ecuador: Amazon Rainforest & Galapagos Islands (K-12)
Revolutionizing Reading (Gr. K-8)
June 23, 2020Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Secret Gem of the West (K-12)
June 26, 2020Using Citizen Science Data in the Classroom (Gr. 6-12)
June 27, 2020Birding in Life Zones (K-12)
Wildflowers of Rocky Mountain National Park (K-12)
June 30, 2020Putting the Color Back into Colorado: History of Minorities in the Rockies (K-12)
July 5, 2020Peru: Machu Picchu and Imperial Cusco (K-12)
July 7, 2020Forests to Faucets: Aurora's Water Resources (K-12)
July 10, 2020Alpine Tundra: A Land of Extremes (K-12)
July 11, 2020North American Bears: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution (K-12)
July 13, 2020From Field Science to Classroom Science (K-8)
July 14, 2020Plastic Planet (Gr. 1-12)
July 15, 2020Basic Project WET (K-12)
July 16, 2020Aquatic Project WILD (K-12)
July 18, 2020Bonaire: Coral Reef Biodiversity Enchantment (K-12)
Glaciers in Rocky (K-12)
July 21, 2020Forests to Faucets 2: Water Watch (K-12)
The Ute: A Native American Way of Life in the Rockies (K-12)
July 22, 2020Wastewater and Aquatic Biology (K-12)
July 23, 2020Exploring the Ponderosa Pine Forest (K-12)
July 24, 2020Bats of Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park (K-12)
July 25, 2020Bighorn Sheep: Ecology and Management (K-12)
Geology and History of the Cripple Creek Mining District (K-12)
Grasses of RMNP (K-12)
August 1, 2020Persevering Pika: Secrets of Alpine Survival (K-12)
Tales and Trails of Colorado Ghost Mines (K-12)
Wetland Plants of RMNP (K-12)
August 3, 2020Youth Community Civic Action Process (Gr. 6-12)
August 8, 2020Phantoms: Hidden History of RMNP (K-12)
Wild Mushrooms & Fungi of RMNP (K-12)
August 10, 2020NPS Earth Science for Teachers (K-12)
August 15, 2020Edible and Medicinal Plants of RMNP (K-12)
History of Moose in RMNP (K-12)
August 16, 2020Anna Wolfrom Dove & Wigwan Tea Room (K-12)
August 22, 2020Mt. Lion: RMNP's Top Predator (K-12)
The Fossils Record: Intro to Paleontology (Gr. 6-12)
September 4, 2020West RMNP Butterflies (K-12)
September 12, 2020Colorado's Uncivil Wars: Sand Creek, Julesburg, and the War Between the States (K-12)
September 13, 20202020 Advancing Environmental Education Conference (K-12)
September 26, 2020Elk Bugling (K-12)
October 3, 2020Beyond the Spirit of 1776: Life in Colonial America (K-12)
November 7, 2020River Otter...They're Here in Colorado! (K-12)
November 14, 2020Early Explorers of the Rocky Mountains (K-12)