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Summer 2024 Camps for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

We anticipate these camps being available in the Summer of 2024:

  • Academies for Young Minds:
    Grades K-8
  • Engineering Design Camps:
    Grades 9-12

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Courses Listed in Chronological Order

The list below shows courses available through the Teacher Enhancement program in order of start date. The list includes only those courses for which the start date has not already passed.

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Start DateCourse Title
June 5, 2023All About Mining (K-12)
Charleston and Its Lowcountry (K-12)
June 7, 2023Camp Conservation (K-12)
June 8, 2023All About Mining: Leadville (K-12)
June 9, 2023RockCS Conference (K-12)
RockCS Conference (K-12)
June 12, 2023Advanced Green Chemistry: Connections to Our World (Gr. 9-12)
Advanced Green Chemistry: Connections to Our World (Gr. 9-12)
Cuba: Its Country, Culture, and People (K-12)
Introducing Green Chemistry in the Classroom (Gr. 9-12)
Introducing Green Chemistry in the High School Classroom Online (Gr. 9-12)
Revolutionizing Reading (K-8)
Sustainable Science (Gr. 7-12)
Sustainable Science (Gr. 7-12)
Tales and Trails of Colorado Ghost Mines (K-12)
June 13, 2023Museums of Paris (K-12)
Shedding Light on the Prairie (K-12)
June 14, 2023Basic Project WET (K-12)
Demystifying STEM: Engineering (K-5)
Phenomena in the Field (K-12)
June 16, 2023Dark Sky Sites in Southern Colorado (K-12)
Phenomena in the Field (K-12)
June 17, 2023Cliff Dwellings and Volcanoes of New Mexico (K-12)
June 19, 2023Ruins and Volcanoes of New Mexico II (K-12)
June 20, 2023Biotechnology Experiences in the Classroom (Gr. 9-12)
Mining for a STEAM Education (K-12)
Project Based Learning: Boreal Toad (K-12)
Wastewater and Aquatic Biology (K-12)
June 23, 2023Leadville and the Colorado Mineral Belt (K-12)
June 27, 2023Engage New Teacher (K-12)
June 28, 2023Alaska: Glaciers, Gold, and Grizzlies (K-12)
July 11, 2023Camp Conservation (K-12)
Connecting Kids to Nature (K-12)
July 17, 2023Bonaire: Coral Reef Biodiversity Enchantment (K-12)
Project Based Learning: Boreal Toad (K-12)
Revolutionizing Reading (K-8)
July 18, 2023Forests to Faucets: Aurora's Water Resources (K-12)
July 20, 2023Phenomena in the Field (K-12)
July 24, 2023STEM/Problem-Based Learning Institute (K-12)
July 25, 2023Forests to Faucets 2 (K-12)
July 26, 2023Project Based Learning: Boreal Toad (K-12)
August 2, 2023Project Heart Summit (K-12)
August 26, 2023Phenomena in the Field (K-12)
September 9, 2023Phenomena in the Field (K-12)