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Summer 2022 Camps for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

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Beyond the Classroom: Aquatic Ecology Research & Environmental Issues (Gr. 4-12)

Course Number CT-1742-22F
Credit 1.00 semester credit hours
Location Keystone Science School
Date October 24-25
Time October 24 (7:30am-8:00pm), October 25 (7:30am-4:30pm)
Instructor Douglas Kennedy, Megan Adamson
Fees Tuition Fee (payable during workshop) : $ 55.00
Registration Fee (includes meals, housing & curriculum) : $ 70.00

Registration Contact: Brooke Morehardt, 970/468-2098 or bmorehardt@keystonescienceschool.org

Receive all the tools necessary to facilitate a complete unit on environmental issues within a traditional classroom. The lessons can form a stand-alone unit or supplement a Keystone Science School overnight field trip. Our unbiased framework allows you to explore challenging topics, such as climate science and how it relates to ecology, while learning about all perspectives of an issue. We will be using the topic of water in the West to explore environmental issues but the lessons we present will be adaptable to any local, regional, or global issue. You will receive lesson plans that can be adapted for any grade. Gain ideas and techniques for engaging your local community while learning how to get your students out of the classroom and experiencing the chosen issue first-hand.

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